Herbal Tea Blends

I create individually crafted herbal tea blends as a supplemental service to any tarot reading. The blends are tailored specifically to what was uncovered during the reading and can be considered a cup of plant medicine to assist you on your path.

My tea blends are created with positive intention and a skillful hand. The blends are pure and mostly organic herbs that have many uses. They can increase energy, protect you from stress, calm the nervous system during transition, assist in smoking cessation, dissolve emotional blocks, help open the heart and assist with a wide range of physical ailments.

If you know you are interested in a tea blend, please let me know before the reading and I will bring along my herbalist's bag of common herbs and we can mix you up some tea on the spot. Blends containing unique plant medicine that cannot be mixed on the spot will be created and delivered via mail after the reading. Postage and shipping will be included in the fee. Arrangements can be made if you live in the Bay Area and wish to pick up your blend in person.

This service is optional and has a reasonable extra fee that varies depending upon the blend that is right for you.